Staff MembersEdit

There are a bunch of different staff members on the server. Here is a list of all the current staff members and their names. This shall be the most up-to-date list. The list is in order of rank from highest to lowest. IGN stands for in-game name. You can apply for staff here: You can see the staff members on the server.
2014-06-04 19.31.47

Staff List on the server. Lower Ranks

2014-06-04 19.31.39

Staff List on the server. Higher Ranks

  1. Website Name: squidvicious | IGN: xsquidvic1ousx | Nickname: Squid | Rank: Owner
  2. Website Name: Yoshlind | IGN: Yoshlind | Nickname: N/A  | Rank: Co-Owner
  3. Website Name: MrJim1010/jim1010 | IGN: jim1010 | Nickname: Jim | Rank: Operator
  4. Website Name: scoobydoo110 | IGN: scoobydoo110 | Nickname: Scooby | Rank: Admin
  5. Website Name: nath2424 | IGN: nath2424 | Nickname: Nath | Rank: Mod
  6. Website Name: darklite764 | IGN: darklite764 | Nickname: Darklite | Rank: Warden
  7. Website Name: Wiza_Squirl | IGN: Wiza_Squirl | Nickname: Wiza | Rank: Lead-Guard
  8. Website Name: Lil_Cole_Ethan | IGN: Lil_Cole_Ethan | Nickname: Ethan | Rank: Guard
  9. Website Name: fleebow8 | IGN: fleebow8 | Nickname: FleeDeathmaster | Rank: Cop
  10.  Website Name: TheDerpygamer8 | IGN: jdawg360360 | Nickname: N/A | Rank: Youtuber

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