Contrabrand ItemsEdit

Contraband Items are items not allowed in the prison. Even if you are free you are still not able to have them in the prison but you can use them in the free area. Staff are the only people allowed to use contraband items though staff will not attack you unless you attack them. You can find the list of items below and on the server in the D Block. When staff see you with an contrabrand item the will ask you for the item and will count down if you do not give it to them you will be jailed for 5 minutes if you then don't give the item you will be jailed for 10 minutes and staff will keep adding 5 minutes until you give the item to the staff member.

Item list:

  1. Swords
  2. Bows
  3. Drugs (Mushrooms, sugar, cactus green, etc.)
  4. Axes with Sharpness

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List of contraband items on the server.